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Invitation to the Seoul ADR Festival (SAF) 2019

The Seoul ADR Festival (SAF) was launched in 2015 by the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board and has evolved into an internationally recognized ADR event since then.

Composed of various sessions addressing the process of international dispute resolution from diverse perspectives, the SAF provides a platform for legal professionals, practitioners, academics, experts, and users to gather and exchange ideas on how to better accommodate the growing demand for ADR services and develop dispute resolution practices around the world.

The flagship event of SAF 2019 is the 8th Asia-Pacific ADR Conference, set to be held on 5-20 September 2019.

By looking into the critical topics within the field of dispute resolution while also addressing the potential hardships of arbitral institutions and its users that are affected by these issues, the 8th ADR conference will provide a holistic outlook on the most up-to-date ADR matters.

For more information please visit the Seoul ADR Festival (SAF) 2019 Official Website