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Seoul Academy for
International Arbitration

21 September 2019

Seoul Academy for International Arbitration (Seoul Academy) is a program organized by the KCAB INTERNATIONAL to provide practical training for future and current arbitration practitioners from diverse legal backgrounds. By attending lectures, engaging in workshops and receiving personal mentoring on various aspects of international arbitration from leading practitioners and arbitrators around the world, participants will have a chance to deepen their knowledge in alternative dispute resolution as well as make valuable connections with fellow arbitration practitioners.

Strong written and oral advocacy skills are critical to success in contemporary international arbitration practice. Dispute resolution practitioners from differing legal cultural traditions and with different native language backgrounds bring different approaches to the processes that we see in global practice today. Building on the success of the past three installments, the 2019 Seoul Academy brings together a distinguished faculty that comprises experienced civil and common law arbitrators and arbitration counsel with rich experience of arbitration involving Korean parties as well as dispute resolution around the world.

The Seoul Academy is unique for its close-knit and interactive format, with opportunities for students to network, establish new professional friendships and continue to be mentored by faculty members beyond the program. It is distinct from other arbitration training programs in that it places emphasis on a high degree of Faculty-student interaction throughout the day and beyond. During the workshop, apart from working through an analysis of the case studies, faculty members will facilitate the students in making strategic decisions associated with various steps to be taken.

Faculty members are encouraged to share their experiences over similar cases and the implications of strategy adopted. The high degree of Faculty interaction and spontaneity has been a hallmark of Seoul Academy and been appreciated by previous classes of students who have attended the course, some of whom have returned to assist the Faculty.


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